Allow anyone with a smartphone
to complete a guided vehicle inspection
in 5 minutes or less.

PAVE can be implemented within your current business lines in a single sprint. It’s true. We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it for you.

PAVE actually works.

A simple, fast, guided process.

With PAVE, anyone with a smartphone can complete a guided vehicle inspection in 5 minutes or less.

Users simply follow the steps, take a few pictures and the PAVE API takes care of the rest. Plus, they have the ability to edit the information and add disclosures so you know everything you need about their car.

PAVE’s integration is only
one click away.

PAVE is not a responsive web app or a responsive website, our browser app UI truly performs as a native app without the constraints of downloads.

That means that anyone with a smartphone in North America can complete a vehicle inspection.

There are 3 ways to
integrate PAVE

  • Being a mobile browser app, simply drop a button on your application directing users to PAVE. We then deliver back to you a PAVE link that opens with full functionality without any downloads.
  • Allow your stationary cameras or photo booth to pass the required photos to our API. PAVE processes the results back to your system in 60 seconds or less.

All the data your system needs
from one integration.

The PAVE API collects and analyzes over 10,000 data points on every vehicle it scans.

Trim level. Appearance package. Color. Damage. Required repairs. And more. You know exactly what that specific vehicle is and its current condition.

No matter your use case, the required data will come back to you.

Your customized vehicle
Condition Report (CR).

All required images and data are automatically delivered in a comprehensive Condition Report (CR) as a PDF, so you can open the report in any browser, print it and it’s link is shareable.

The CR also includes original images, annotated images, detected damage, and needed repairs.

Identify the real condition of
the vehicle.

The PAVE API not only identifies the condition of the vehicle and its damages, but it also tells you the grading of the damage, type of damage, repair method, repair type and the exact location and affected components.

Complete the process with
3rd party integrations.

Once the PAVE API has analyzed the vehicle data, it pre-populates and packages the information however you require it.

PAVE also integrates with global 3rd party databases to pull reference data for current market or wholesale pricing.

Here's the
integration process.

Get ready to ignite everyone on your team with the possibilities of PAVE.
This is the milestone you are looking for to keep you ahead of the market.


Explore Product Fit

While PAVE is a pre-built API, it will be highly customized for your business lines and requirements.

At PAVE, we're not satisfied with incremental increases so our team spends the right amount of time working with you face to face, digging into the details to ensure you get the strategic and technical fit you need to drive real results.


Develop the Business Model

Getting leadership onboard without the product team creates frustrations and delays. But at the same time, building trust with the product team without winning over leadership gets us no-where.

Our leadership team works with both the product team and your executives to develop a business model that bakes PAVE's transformative benefits right into your systems - reducing costs & improving the customer experience.


PAVE Drives the Integration

PAVE will be integrated into your systems in a single sprint. That’s not a commitment we take lightly, so the PAVE team jumps into the trenches and drives the integration process.

This means that your product team and business requirements are incorporated into your customized version of PAVE, integrated into your systems in a single sprint, by tapping into our internal resources and not yours.


Manage Your
PAVE Account